1D Itinerary in Fukuoka, Japan – Nanzoin Temple, Yatai, Ippudo

Some people consider this if not the best, definitely one of the best ramen there is

1D Itinerary in Fukuoka, Japan – Nanzoin Temple, Yatai, Ippudo

1D Itinerary in Fukuoka, Japan – Nanzoin Temple, Yatai, Ippudo

Fukuoka (福岡市Fukuoka-shi?) is the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture and is situated on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu in Japan. As of July 2011, Fukuoka is Japan’s sixth largest city, having passed the population of Kyoto.

Fukuoka was our first destination in Japan. The first reason why I like to visit Fukuoka was because of it’s authentic & specialty  Tonkotsu Ramen. Some people consider this if not the best, definitely one of the best ramen there is. Although Fukuoka is not very popular destination in Japan comparing to Osaka, Kyoto or Tokyo. It still does offer good tourist destinations. This is the home of the biggest reclining Buddha in the world and where the famous Ramen Chain, Ippudo, originated from.

Technically this itinerary is for 2 days but since we arrived at night time and will only spend half day the next day, it’s possible to count it just 1 day or less than 24hours. Yeah? 🙂

Arriving at Fukuoka, Japan

Okay. So we arrive late maybe around 9 in the evening.. getting to your hotel from the airport is easy. Just go to the exit and you will see a taxi stand. Give them the address and you will be on your way. It is metered and people here are honest so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can visit this or this for more details on how you can get to your destination coming off from the Fukuoka Airport.

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan

Accommodation – Hana Hostel

We booked an accommodation in Hana Hostel. Why Hostel? because it is relatively cheaper compared to hotels and we just need a place to stay and rest since we will get up early in the morning to go to Tokyo.

The reviews of Hana Hostel are good and they’re located in the heart of Hakata. Actually, they are in a shopping street so restos/shops are just around your corner so it’s very accessible and convenient. You can check more of our stay with prices, etc. here.

Checking in is fast and all went smooth. And don’t worry about the communication, they speak english.

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan

Their room is clean and tidy and has everything we need for our stay like comfy beds, A/C, thick blankets, hot shower and fast wifi.

*Photo was taken in the morning*

hana hostel

hana hostel

Dinner – Fukuoka Yatai in Nakasu River

Open: 6pm to around 2am – Daily

Okay, after we checked in we went to a famous Yatai (Nakasu River) that is close in our accommodation (that’s why I chose Hana Hostel).

We asked the lady in the reception of the Hostel for directions and we were on our way. I think it was around 10 – 15min walk going there from the Hostel. You will pass by shops and restos on your way to the river since you are at the heart of Hakata. Many people are still out even on late nights especially in this area.

It’s not hard to find since it is just beside the river and you will see a lot of Yatai (Food Stall). If you notice that many people(especially tourist looking ones) are walking towards the same direction, you may assume they are going to a Yatai.

I suggest to check all Yatai first so you will have a lot of options to choose from. All of them are good anyway but some are expensive than others. You might want to check the prices first so you won’t be shock when the bill comes.

yatai tonkotsu ramen

You can check this blog for our Yatai Experience and other ramen places in Fukuoka, Japan.

yatai tonkotsu ramen
our first ramen in Japan

yatai tonkotsu ramen

yatai tonkotsu ramen

Following day..

  • Nanzoin Temple in Sasaguri, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Lunch at Ippudo
  • Train – Shinkansen to Tokyo

Hakata Station – Largest and busiest station in Kyushu Region of Japan. It can be very busy in the station especially during rush hours since a lot of people are coming from/to work. At your first time you might have a hard time finding your way, don’t worry because there is a concierge and you can ask them anything.

Subway, Train – Shinkansen, Buses, Mall, etc can be found here.

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan

Nanzoin Temple

Access: From Hakata station, you can use Sasaguri Line and get out of Kido Nanzoin-mae Station and travel time is around 25 minutes. At the station before you get out, you can ask for directions for the route going to Nanzoin Temple. They will give you a sketch and it’s easy to follow. Walking towards there is only around 10 mins.
Open: 9 am – 5 pm Daily

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan nanzoin temple fukuoka japan

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan
A big buddha in Nanzoin Temple

The world’s largest reclining bronze statue of Buddha in Nanzoin Temple

The reclining Buddha statue, known as either Nehanzo or Shaka Nehan (“Nirvana”) is 41 meters long, 11 meters high, and weighs nearly 300 tons. The statue depicts Buddha at the moment of death, or entrance into nirvana.

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan

nanzoin temple fukuoka japan
These are urns in front of the reclining buddha.
nanzoin temple fukuoka japan
The feet of the buddha are engraved
fish omelette being sold in the streets near the train station

Lunch – Ippudo

Address: JR Hakata City 10-F AMU PLAZA HAKATA. It’s in the train station itself and just use elevator going to 10th floor.
Open: 11:00 – 22:00 Daily

We grabbed a bite first before heading to Tokyo. Of course, it’s ramen! But this time, in Ippudo. It is a very famous ramen resto chain and has branches all over the world. For Ippudo lovers, you can get the original authentic taste here in Fukuoka since this is where it originated. Nothing beats the original!

ippudo fukuoka japan ippudo fukuoka japan

About 12 noon after having lunch. We are on our way to Tokyo by Shinkansen. Travel time is around 6 hours.

shinkansen bullet train
Hakata Station