5 Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is the capital city of Vietnam, there are a lot of things you can do here but you can squeeze your time and do amazing things in just few days!

5 Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

5 Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is the capital city of Vietnam, there are a lot of things you can do here but you can squeeze your time and do amazing things in just few days!

Travelling to Vietnam was a big challenge for me since this was the very first time I travelled solo. I was excited when I got my plans sorted out already beforehand, but then again I was having doubts to proceed with the tour for the reason of being scared on what may happen to me being alone. On the night before my flight, I was on the verge of backing out completely because I was afraid of doing something for the first time. But I know deep inside myself that I need to do this. So the day came and the next thing I knew I was on my way to Vietnam for my first solo travel.

Spending just few days in Saigon, I experienced a lot of things and was very glad I did it. This was definitely one thing that made me came out of my comfort zone, and a first from crazy experience to more!

Here are things you can do if you only have few days

1. Eat local food

One of the best thing in Vietnam is you can find good food anywhere you go! I was really looking forward for the food here and it was one of the main reason why I want to come here. Local food is the best! It’s tasty and cheap!

Noodles with beef and grilled local fish
Pho in the streets of Saigon


Eat a lot of Pho. This is actually the best Pho I had because nothing beats the local! I was a bit lost somewhere in Saigon where I can’t find any restaurant with English menu. As I was walking wondering where to go, I saw this woman making broth of Pho literally in a corner of a street and a lot of people were eating in just small tables and chairs. I knew from that moment that the food is good–so I quickly went to her and ordered Pho, I was speaking to her in English but she can’t seem to understand me, good thing someone overheard us and translated my order to the lady. People here rock!

Pho from a local restaurant

Don’t forget to try the vietnamese coffee! They use condensed milk instead of the natural milk, and their freshly brewed coffee is amazing! Make it an ice coffee for the hot weather!

Vietnamese coffee

2. Cu chi tunnel tour

This is one of the popular tours you can do in Saigon. During WWII, Vietnamese soldiers use this little hole as a hiding spot for enemies.

You think you can fit into that?


Just look how small it is and how a person can fit into it! Crazy, I know. It’s interesting that you learn about these things happened in the past especially during the time of war, you’ll see how creative people become for setting traps and stuff. Kinda scary if you ask me and fascinating at the same time!

3. Mekong delta tour

This is another famous tour you can do here. I got a deal for this tour in the hostel I was staying at and they had a very good deal. Cheaper than the people offering outside the streets. I got the 2 days tour which includes an overnight home stay and I was looking forward to that to experience a night with the locals. img_9424

Mekong river is one of the longest river in the world, you can get to different countries through this. The explanation to us why this river is color brown was because it carries too much silt, that brings additional nutrients and thus, fruits that grow within the area absorbs it and produces sweet taste!

This lunch was included in the tour, except for that big fish which you can buy and I recommend that you do so if ever you’ll be doing it by tour (I think all tour has one main spot where they take the group for lunch). The food was alright, I was more excited with that fish which they catch it live from the river, fry them and serve it. So the best way to eat it is make it as a vietnamese roll and dip it in their amazing sauce! I got to talk to the people I’m in the table with, share some stories while we eat this fantastic lunch.


Mekong delta tour homestay included – So after the whole day tour, the guide gave us instructions on how we are going to a local place for our homestay.

The locals taught us how to do/cook some local food like frying spring rolls. After that we had our dinner, which was so amazing! The feeling was great! Sharing a plate with people who you just met and local people there, and all of just were just sharing stories and laughter. The next day, I get to go around the village by riding a bike since we have a time to spare.


4. Visit the war museum

Check out some vietnamese history!img_9300

This museum represents how people fought for their country–why it even started, weapons they’ve used, or the tragedy they suffered. It’s depressing reading stories of people’s experiences during the war–how people was being treated, they have nothing to eat for days, or just the war itself.



5. Night life

Ho Chi Minh is also famous for its night life! Especially on the busy streets where you can find a lot of foreigners drinking and partying. How can you go wrong with a cheap beer and the chance to socialise with people from all over the world? I tell you, prepare to have a crazy night!

Just be careful, some nights can be crazy as hell and you don’t want yourself having troubles.



Explore night markets, there are a lot of things happening here–from cheap stuffs to great food choices! Just make sure you have a big appetite coming beforehand because you’re definitely going to try a lot of street food!