How I managed to travel—setting priorities and be motivated

A lot of people think that you need a lot of money to travel. Well, that is not totally true because it depends on how you manage your travel.

How I managed to travel—setting priorities and be motivated

I’m not rich and I travel. How did I manage to do it?

mayon volcano legazpi philippines
Mt Mayon in Albay, Philippines

A lot of people think that you need a lot of money to travel. Well, that is not totally true because it depends on how you manage your travel. Of course, most of us wants cheap rates and are on a budget. Some tips that I actually do are:

  • staying at hostels or b&b – these accommodations are not bad just check the reviews & feedbacks of past people who stayed there—and you get to meet fellow travellers there especially in hostels—chat with them, share stories and you can even ask for tips & recommendations based from their experience
  • eat local food in hawker centres or in streets – this is actually a must since you basically want the good stuff and most of the time you can find and experience the best here
  • walk to your destination – walk it off! you will experience more and see how beautiful the city by taking it one step at a time rather than staying in a car!
  • less shopping – look for cheap bargains and buy only the things you need; but if you are there to shop well go for it!
felix in mekong delta vietnam
Mekong delta in Vietnam

Set your priorities

Well technically yes, you need money to travel—but the truth is, it’s not all about money. It all depends on how you manage things and how you set your priorities. Some people see me travelling often, doing adventurous stuff and the first thing pops out of their mind is that I’m rich and have plenty of money—that is not true. We’re all the same who works very hard and earn money, we just have different ways of using it. For example, some people save up money for material things like new gadgets, clothes, shoes, etc and some save up for experiences like travelling and doing activities.

Most of the time, people who are into material things tend to say that they don’t have money to travel because of this or because of that; the next thing you know is that they have brand new clothes, shoes and has the latest gadgets. Clearly, that is what they prioritize and save money for; maybe, that is what they want and makes them happy.

What’s my motivation?

This is how I invest my time and money. I’m still young and doesn’t have that much responsibilities yet. Spending my hard earned money in life experiences makes me feel satisfied. I’d like to reward myself from time to time by going to different places, trying new things, learn different cultures or meet new people on the road; because these are the things that makes me happy. At the moment, these are what motivates me, keeps me work hard and makes me look forward to something like what destination to go or activity to do next.

I often spend money on material things and only when I really need one. I still use clothes even if I had it for years. I even rely having new things on the gifts I receive on my birthday or Christmas because that’s how thrifty I am! I don’t care not having the latest gadgets, new branded clothes, shoes or whatever; what I care at the moment is to see the world and experience life fully while I still can; because who knows? I might not be able to do these when I grow old. 

Life experiences over material things

Instead of buying new stuff, I save my money for my next trip; mainly because this is what I want and makes me happy. I put effort in doing it and making sure it happens; because I believe that life experiences are more valuable than material things.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong if you like to spend your money on material stuff. All of us have different sets of interest. This is just my opinion. Because at the end of the day, it’s your time and money; if those things makes you happy, sure why not—but I’ll tell you this, 5 or 10 years from now, your new clothes now will be old or was already thrown away; your new gadgets are obsolete—but for my life experiences? I’ll be able to cherish it forever.