Itinerary in Taiwan – CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei Zoo, Ximending Shilin Raohe Night Market

Taiwan is only a small country and is known for its hot springs, night market and of course, food.

Itinerary in Taiwan – CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei Zoo, Ximending Shilin Raohe Night Market

Itinerary in Taiwan – CKS Memorial Hall, Taipei Zoo, Ximending Shilin Raohe Night Market

Taiwan is only a small country and is known for its hot springs, night market and of course, food. They also have a lot of tourist destinations and adventure stuffs to offer. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan and that is its most touristy place. One reason why I want to travel to Taiwan is because of their food. If only I can eat all what I can see and not be full. Food is cheap & very good. A lot of night markets to shop. Friendly people. What’s not to love about taiwan?

Arrival in Taiwan

I arrived in Taiwan late at night around 9 and it was raining. You can either take a bus($125 NTD) or cab($1,000 NTD) going to your accommodation. I suggest to take a bus going to Taipei Main Station and from there take MRT or cab going to your accommodation so you can save money and just use that for food or shopping 🙂

I stayed in a hotel. It was on a good location, few minutes walk to the night market & train station and price is reasonable.

Fu Chang Hotel 
Address: 6, Kangding Rd, Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan 108
Price: 2x nights for 1 room (currency convertion was made during the time I made the reservation)
PHP 2,517.72 x 3 nights = 7,553.18 PHP
or USD 53.49 x 3 nights = 160.48 USD
or NTD  1,732.27 x 3 nights = 5,196.81 NTD

fu chang hotel taiwan

fu chang hotel taiwan
Bathroom was okay & clean

As soon as I put my things in the hotel I went outside to search for food. I was supposed to check a night market nearby but unfortunately the receptionist told me they are closed or didn’t bother to open up because it was raining hard that night. Anyway, I just roamed around the hotel and saw some food stalls.

Good thing I passed by one and it looks good! You get your ingredients, put it in a plastic bag and they cook and put it in a bowl for you. I quickly get the things I want and asked them to cook it. I also asked them to add noodles. As per the picture, price is indicated and depends which ingredient you get.

noodles soup taiwan
noodles soup taiwan

First meal in taiwan. The food was not bad, a bit bland but alright. I love enoki mushrooms!

noodles food taiwan

Not a lot of people were in the city that night probably because it was raining hard.

ximending taiwan

I wondered first what they were selling. I asked them and it was a Taiwan’s famous fried chicken street food. I bought a small bag and eat it while I was on my way back. After my first bite I had regrets that I should have bought a big bag instead. But anyway there’s still a lot of time for me to eat fried chicken. Haha.

fried chicken food taiwan

There was nothing left to see around the hotel because it was already late. I went back to the hotel and got some rest to be ready for the next day.

Day 2 

  • Ximending / Night Market
  • CKS Memorial Hall
  • National Palace Museum
  • Famous beef noodle soup at Tao Yuan Street
  • Shilin Night Market

As I woke up I hear rain drops and I wish it would stop. It didn’t but adventures still goes on, rain or shine!

I passed by Ximending shopping area to get breakfast before getting on the train.

Ooh the famous and original Hot Star fried chicken in Taiwan. Of course, I did not hesitate to buy one.

hotstar chicken taiwan
hotstar chicken taiwan

I think it was less than 10 degrees that time and was raining. Damn bad weather!

ximending taiwan

Taiwan train route is pretty easy to understand since most of the tourist spots has a train station. Very convenient for tourists!

train route map taiwan
route map train of taiwan

train taiwan

C.K.S Memorial Hall

Access: MRT – From Taipei Main Station take Tamsui line or from Ximen MRT station take Songshan line. Both of lines will go to Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT Station.
Open: 9am – 5pm

There are a lot of signs on the way to CKS Memorial Hall so tourists will find their way easy.

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall train taiwan

A picture of Memorial Hall Square with the National Concert Hall (right) and the National Theater (left)

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall taiwan

CKS stands for Chiang Kai-shek. This memorial hall was built for his memory, a former president of China. This is a statue of him.

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall taiwan

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall taiwan

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall taiwan

Chiang Kai-shek memorial hall taiwan


National Palace Museum

Access: From Shilin MRT station get out at Exit 1 to Zhongzheng Rd and catch R30 Bus, minibus 18/19, or buses 255, 304 or 815. Travel time is about 15mins.
Open: 8:30 am – 9 pm

After CKS Memorial Hall, I went to a bus station and took one going to National Palace Museum.

national palace museum taiwan

national palace museum taiwan

There was a show happening inside the palace and I don’t have any idea what it is. It has entrance fee so I didn’t bother.

national palace museum taiwan

Famous beef noodle soup at Tao Yuan Street

After the palace, I went to this famous beef noodle soup place near the city at Tao Yuan street, it’s famous for beef noodle soup. All of the stalls look good but I specifically searched for LAO WANG JI #15 Tao Yuan St. Good thing I have an idea on what the resto looks like and I assumed this was it when I saw a long line.

beef noodle soup food taiwan

The beef noodle soup was very good! the beef was tender that melts in your mouth and the soup was amazing! I top it up with pickled veggies and chili and it was amazing! I ordered a pork rice on the side. It was good but not great. Anyway, the beef noodle soup was the food I came here for and it didn’t disappoint me!

beef noodle soup food taiwan
Beef noodle soup with pork rice and pickled veggies

Ximending Night Market

Access: MRT – Take Bannan Line get off at Ximen Station and take to exit no. 6
Open: Some shops open early and close at very late but most are 5pm – 2am

After having that amazing soup, I went back to my hotel to rest for a while and change clothes because I was wet. I passed by Ximending and roam around first. See what I can buy for a cheap price or food I can munch on while walking.

ximending taiwan

ximending taiwan

Shilin Night Market

Access: MRT – get off at JianTan station. Use Exit 1 and from there you can walk around 10 min to reach the night market. There are sign directions going there.
Open: 4 pm – 2 am

After resting, I went to Shilin Night Market. This is the most popular night market in Taipei. There are a lot of street food lining up and shops that sells different kinds of stuff, from clothes, phones, accessories, fruits and a lot more!

shilin night market taiwan

I quickly bought one when I saw a fried chicken stand. I really really love taiwan’s fried chicken. It doesn’t matter where you buy it, it’s all good!

fried chicken food shilin night market taiwan

fried chicken food shilin night market taiwan
taiwan fried chicken with garlic and onion leeks

After Shilin Night Market, I head back home since I was already tired from walking all day. To cap off the night I drank a beer to sleep and rest well.

taiwan beer fu chang hotel taiwan

Day 3 

  • Ximending
  • Maokong Gondola
  • Taipei 101
  • Raohe Street Night Market

Rise and Shine! Good thing it was not raining when I woke up! What a good day to start! Time for new adventures again. But I’ll look for some breakfast first!

ximending taiwan

Beef rice, oyster omelette and noodle soup. A perfect way to start the day!

oyster omelette noodles food taiwan

Street sausage! It was not that good and not bad. It was just okay.

sausage street food taiwan

Bread and pastries shop. All of them looks good! It’s hard which one to buy when you want to try it all!

bread pastries taiwan

Ooh Roti! I want to try one but the line was very long and it might get an hour of my time.

roti taiwan

I was supposed to go to Yangmingshan National Park. But the thing was I lined up for the bus going there. I was already waiting for 2 hours and I can’t see me getting to the bus for another 1-2hours. The travel time going there is around 45mins and it was already late. So I decided to skip that and go to the zoo and cable car instead. The cable car will not be open for the next day so I think its more appropriate to go there.

I rushed myself going to the zoo but unfortunately it was already closed. Ooooh what a day! Good vibes, good vibes!

Maokong Gondola – Cable Car

AccessMRT Wenshan-Neihu Line: Get off at Taipei Zoo Station. It is just beside the Taipei Zoo
Open: Monday – Closed
Tuesday – Thursday – 9 am to 9 pm
Friday – 9 am to 10 pm
Saturday – 8 30 am to 10 pm
Sunday – 8 30 am to 9 pm

The cable car is just beside the zoo and I went there instead. I had to line up for an hour before I can ride.

Cable car of Maokong Gondola. Every car has a maximum of 6 persons.

maokong gandola taiwan

At the other side, there are street foods & restos. Going back, I lined up again and it took a lot more time since people were already going back after they had finished a meal. I can’t do anything about it so I just waited. Haha.

maokong gandola taiwan

Riding that cable car was an awesome experience. After Maokong Gondola, I went to Taipei 101 as I assume the view is better at night.

Taipei 101

Access: MRT – Take the Red Line 2 (Xiangshan train) to Taipei 101 station
Open: 9am – 10pm, last ticket sale 9.15pm
Price: adult/child NT$500/450

There was a time before when this tower was the highest in the world.


The observation deck of the tower. I waited for 2 hours before I can go here since there were a lot of people waiting in line to go up as well. What a day full of waiting!

taipei tower taiwan

Taipei City at night. Pretty cool isn’t it?

taipei city taiwan

It was really fast! Good thing I didn’t feel dizzy.

taipei tower taiwan

Raohe Street Night Market

Access: MRT – Take Bannan Line and get off at Houshanpi Station. Exit at no. 4 and walk towards Yongji Road. You can reach it after passing the overhead bridge of Songshan Railway Station going to Raohe St.
Open: 5 pm – 12 mn

It was already night time by the time I finished Taipei 101. I was supposed to get Din Tai Fung at the ground floor for dinner but unfortunately, it was already closed. I then went to another famous night market instead, Raohe street. I had a hard time going here and had to ask few people for directions.

raohe street night market taiwan

As I was walking, I noticed that this resto has a lot of pictures posted on their wall. I think they are photos of the owner with famous people. I assumed that this resto is famous so I decided to have dinner here. There were a lot of people eating and I had to wait for few minutes before I can sit down.

beef noodle soup taiwan
inside the noodle soup resto

I ordered beef noodle soup mixed with tendons(my favorite) with pickled veggies. The soup was very nice especially with the tendons! The noodles was fresh and home made. The pickled veggies was a nice combination with the soup.

beef noodle soup taiwan

I haven’t yet had any stinky tofu during my stay and was specifically searching a stall that sells it. Luckily I found one. The smell didn’t bother me and I actually liked the taste.

stinky tofu food taiwan
The famous stinky tofu

There’s a lot of stalls where they sell different kinds of drinks. From milk tea to fruit juice to beer. I suggest to try fresh fruits especially if they are on season.

drinks taiwan

I walked for another 30 minutes just to check what the night market has to offer. It was already late and most of the stalls were already closing. I took a cab going home but I went to a 711 first to buy a beer before heading to the Hotel.

Day 4

  • Din Tai Fung
  • Taipei Zoo
  • Last day shopping @ Ximending

My last day in Taiwan. I was happy because it was not raining again! Woo! Although it was freezing. Of course I will start the day with a delicious breakfast. Time to look for some!
I waited in line for 30 minutes just to taste this noodle soup. It was worth the wait! it was really tasty and perfect for the cold weather!

noodle breakfast soup food taiwan

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung originated in Taiwan. This is a must when you go here. Even though there are already a lot of branches all over the world, nothing beats the original!

din tai fung taiwan

I can see them working where I was seating. I find it interesting just watching them while I eat. Haha.

din tai fung taiwan

I already had Din Tai Fung but in Philippines. But for some reason, this tastes better and some people agree with me.

din tai fung taiwan
Xiao Lang Bao

I ordered peanut sauce with noodles, seafood fried rice & xiao lang bao. I love it all!

din tai fung taiwan

I had a black sesame bun take away and ate when I was on my way to Taipei Zoo. It was pretty good! I like the black sesame filling.

din tai fung taiwan

Taipei Zoo

AccessMRT Wenshan-Neihu Line: Get off at Taipei Zoo Station.
Open: 9am–5pm

The reason why I want to visit this zoo is because of the panda. Haha. And the entrance fee was cheap so I guess that’s alright.

My apologies for not having a decent photo of the Taipei Zoo. How sad. Hahaha.

taipei zoo taiwan

I think I waited for 20minutes for him to move haha but unfortunately he did not. So that makes my trip in the zoo.

taipei zoo taiwan

I went back to the city to roam around and eat for the last time before heading to the airport for my flight back to manila.

I didn’t have an idea that this was actually a korean resto and not a taiwanese. Anyway, the food was good.

felix foodie in taiwan

Do you know what this is? Haha. I think it’s some kind of waffle.

pastries taiwan

Going back to the airport: You can arrange a bus pick-up from your accommodation going to the Airport (around $250 NTD if I remember it correctly)