Tips on how to travel cheap

Create a list of airlines that provides cheap deals, be patient and committed on checking them as the prices changes frequently.

Tips on how to travel cheap


Search and book cheap and on sale airfare

Create a list of airlines that provides cheap deals, be patient and committed on checking them as the prices changes frequently. Aside from that, subscribe to airlines so they can send you emails ahead of time before bringing out the promo deals so you get to have advantage over others.

These websites can help you compare cheap deals from different airlines:

TIP: Most of the time, airlines give out airfare promos and seat sale starting at midnight, and a lot of people are already waiting and checking by this time so you need to be quick on booking one. Try your luck…


  • Stay in Hostels – staying at hostels is not bad as you think. check first feedbacks and reviews before booking it. There are a lot of perks in a hostel like:
    • price is relatively much cheaper than hotels
    • better location since most are in around CBD areas
    • provides best deals (eg: discounts) on local tours and activities
    • social gatherings like pubcrawl to experience local nightlife
    • lounge area to meet fellow travellers and have a chit-chat
    • free coffee/tea through out the day
    • free unlimited wi-fi
    • use of laundry & dyer
    • some provide cheap BBQ events
    • very helpful staffs – they know what travellers needs and wants, so they provide guides and tips as well


  • Stay in apartments such as AirB&B – AirB&B is something where owners let their flat/house be rented out for travellers for probably extra cash (you can do it as well). For me, it’s a lot better than hotels, because it’s relatively cheaper, and it has other add-ons like kitchenette, washing machine, and some even provide pocket wifi(which is a very big plus!). So if you want to feel like you’re a local, this type of accommodation suits you best! and for some instance, you might be staying with the owner, while for some, they just give you instructions to follow on how to get to the apartment. As long as you keep the place clean, there will be no problem.IMG_20160417_165823_HDR
  • Couchsurfing – local people are willing to host their place and provide accommodation for travellers for free. A lot of people do this to save money on accommodation. You can do a background check and see feedback/reviews of the host first to make sure you’re going to be on a safe place. Thinking what is it for them on why they do this? Well, they have a chance to meet travellers, exchange stories, or know more about each other cultures, and for you, it’s free accommodation.

Food – best way is to eat local food

  • Street food – Places like Taiwan, Japan, or any other Asian Countries has a lot of street foods anywhere you go. These places are my favourite to go to since they’re cheap and great! you’ll also have that amazing local vibe experience. You get to taste what local food really is. As long as you see how they prepare the food and it’s clean you’re good to eat.noodles soup taiwan
  • hawker centres – it’s similar to a food court. All stuff they sell are local food that are cheap & affordable, and it’s very good!29
  • make / cook your own – using local ingredients is good and you have the options on what you like to put in your food (if you like to be healthy)

Check for discounts

So when you are doing your itineraries, you might want to check out some websites that provide cheap deals and discounts for activities, accommodation, or food. eg:

Apart from these, you can also find some when you ask for local maps, local news papers, or ads/flyers being given in the streets. Don’t be embarrassed of using one, because remember, every dollar counts. Whatever it is, if you can save money from it, it’s a good thing!

Research, read, and learn on blog sites

Read a lot of blog sites and get ideas from them on what they normally do on travelling. These guys already has a lot of experience and will share their tips and tricks so readers can also have the same or better experiences. Some websites like Traveloka would help you on these, spare some extra time to explore the website for it may help you later on.

Join free walking tours

Just search on free walking tours held in the place you’re at or going to. They have ads on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, etc,. Often times, they do this in CBD area. It’s a good experience as they talk about history, culture, etc,. You can also ask them about guides & tips on things you can do or places to eat as they know most of the stuff happening in that area.