Junior Software Engineer, Yondu

June 2013 - October 2014

Taguig City, Philippines

As a Junior Software Engineer, my responsibilities include

  • Analyze requirements, design solutions, and create detailed designs that satisfy the requirements of the client
  • Create, test and troubleshoot programs according to prescribed specifications and coding conventions, and utilizing technology appropriate to the solution
  • Create test plans and run unit tests on programs developed
  • Evaluate simple interrelationships between programs, e.g., how modifications in one module might affect other modules
  • Write and maintain program documentation
  • Lead and coordinate teams of computer programmers and developers

Main technologies I used

  • Java and .NET as an OOP back end language
  • Spring, Entity Framework, Maven and Hibernate as a backend framework
  • Javascript, AngularJS and jQuery as a front end framework
  • MySQL and MSSQL for RDBMS
  • HTML and CSS 3 technology for Responsive Design
  • Agile and SCRUM SDLC methodologies