The CEO Magazine Intranet

The CEO Magazine Intranet

Custom built Intranet to automate manual workflows, integrate all company third party platforms, produce statistics, analytics and reports.

  • Company internal system for employees across the globe
  • Middle man for all the integrations with other platforms. See Cloud Infastructure
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office 365 for SSO
  • Integrated with different 3rd-party platforms such as Salesforce, Google, Chargify, Magento, etc
  • Automates manual workflows

Includes features but not limited to:


  • September 2016 to August 2018
  • Built everything from scratch using different technologies
  • Develop and improve features and processes
  • Integrated everything with every platform the company use
  • Maintain and make sure everything is working as per the requirement

Tech stack


Chargify API

HTML 5 & CSS 3


Magento API



Wordpress API