The CEO Magazine Website

The CEO Magazine Website

Developed the whole website from end to end including server side. Migrated everything from old server (siteground) all the data, files into AWS. Applied different latest technologies to improve speed, optimisation and user experience.

Front End technologies

  • ReactJs and NextJs(SSR framework)
  • MobX for state management
  • HTML, CSS 3 technology, Bootstrap for Responsive Design
  • Webpack for running/bundling assets

Back End technologies

  • WordPress as CMS
  • WordPress API for the payload
  • PHP for the wordpress programming language
  • NodeJs as a custom server to run the application

AWS technologies

  • NGINX and Apache as web servers
  • Cloudfront for geolocation, additional caching, and CDN for files (images, pdf) etc
  • API Gateway as proxy for all API + data caching technology
  • ELB for load balancing requests
  • Please see this for a better view of how I strategised our AWS cloud infrastructure


  • September 2016 to August 2018
  • Built everything from scratch using latest technologies
  • Develop and improve features and processes
  • Maintain and make sure everything is working as per the requirement

Tech stack


HTML 5 & CSS 3





Wordpress API